Steel Door Frame Warranty

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Steel Door Frame Warranty

Subject to terms and conditions set forth herein, steel door frames manufactured and/or supplied by: Hume Doors & Timber (Aust) Pty. Ltd., Hume Doors & Timber (Qld) Pty. Ltd., Hume Doors & Timber (Vic) Pty. Ltd., Hume Doors & Timber (SA) Pty. Ltd. or Hume Doors & Timber (WA) Pty. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) are warranted by the manufacturer and/or supplier for one year from the date of shipment by the manufacturer and/or supplier to be of good material and workmanship, free from defects which render them unserviceable or unfit for the use for which they were manufactured.



1. Goods manufactured and/or supplied for a period of one (1) year as from the date of shipment, to be free from defects in material and workmanship which would render them unserviceable or unfit for normal use.

2. To the extent permitted by law or the express provision of any stature or otherwise hereby expressly excluded and in respect warranties that cannot be so excluded, these terms and conditions shall be read such that those statutory warranties are read as being in additional to the warranties hereby given.

3. Subject to Clause 2, the warranty in Clause 1 shall be read subject to the following matters being excluded as defects:

3.1 Frames not accorded reasonable treatment by the customer.

3.2 Damage or defects arising out of, or in connection with, shipment or storage after frames leave the control of the company (i.e. delivered to site or handed over to a carrier). Frames must be inspected by the customer for visible defects immediately upon delivery.

3.3 Claims for non conforming deliveries (incomplete defective or incorrectly supplied) will only be considered if made within 3 working days of receipt or delivery of frames. All delivery checks are the responsibility of the customer.

3.4 Under NO circumstance will the company be liable if frames are installed before checking that they are supplied correctly and are free from defects.

3.5 Factory priming is only to protect frames in transport and general handling it is the responsibility of the customer to immediately on delivery of all frames apply 2 coats of compatible sealing priming to ensure corrosion or the like does not occur.

3.6 It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the frames are installed plumb, square and suitably anchored using the correct fixing points.

3.7 Storage and security of the frames is not the responsibility of the company.

3.8 Stainless steel hinges are required to be maintained every 2 months to ensure prevention of tarnishing and corrosion.

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