Hume How To install
Pre-Hung door system

Quick and Easy - From start to finish

Tools needed

  • Tape Measure
  • Claw Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Combination Square
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Driver Bit
  • Spirit Level
  • Builders Ruler
  • Step Ladder
  • Hand Saw
  • Packers
  • Assorted Screws
  • Assorted Nails
  • Pencil
  • Ear, Eye & Dust Protection

Pre-Hung components and options

  • Pre-hung Doors
  • Pre-hung Jamb with hinges fitted (Available with Fixed Stop or Loose Stop)
  • Four jamb options (Maple, Pine, MDF, KD Hardwood
  • Hinges (Available in 3 colours: Chrome, Gold, and Stainless Steel)
  • Standard or Lift off Hinge options available
  • Architraves with any profile in our range
  • Door with face and latch hole pre-made
    • VIC, TAS & SA - ø50mm, ø35mm, ø22mm
    • Other States - ø54mm, ø32mm, ø22mm
  • Drive in latch
  • Closing jamb striker pre-fitted

Hume Pre-Hung system manufactured to suit Single, Double, Triple and Four door openings. Works with standard and non-standard sizes with any door from our internal range.

Measure your opening

To start measure the opening, do so in multiple places to ensure correct height and width. Use these measurements when ordering your new Pre-Hung door system.

Correct Door Handing

It's important to order the correct handing as some doors cannot be turned upside down

Check that your choice of handing will allow the door to open freely and with out obstructions. Be aware of light switches being obstructed, furniture, etc.

Stand on the inside of the room

Place stiles in door opening with the hinge knuckle facing you.

Examples of handing:

Mark the top of stiles to ensure you know which side is the top for cutting.

Measure and cut

Measure from the top of the hinge plate (not the hinge knuckles).

Measurements for each state

Standard Hinges: 201mm
Lift Off Hinges: 207mm

Standard Hinges: 189mm
Lift Off Hinges: 195mm

Standard Hinges: 181mm
Lift Off Hinges: 187mm

Ensure both stiles are marked and measured for cutting. Place both the opening and closing styles on top of each other, square off and mark.

Cut both opening and closing styles

Note on standard door clearance

All Pre-Hung door systems are supplied with standard clearance from bottom of the door to the bottom of the jamb is 27mm. You may want to trim the bottom of jamb to allow for different floor coverings.

Jamb assembly

Place both stiles and jamb head on floor ready for assembly.
Fit the jamb head to the stile tops and nail/screw securely.

Stand assembled unit in the opening

Level and plumb the jamb

Make sure the hinge stile is plumb.

Then pack where necessary and fasten to stud.

Seal doors

Seal doors top and bottom to protect from moisture. See manufacturer warranty.

Mount the door

Remove the hinge pins.
Place the door and jamb together inserting the hinge pins through the fitted hinges.
Ensure equal margins around the jamb and pack if necessary.

After packing nail the closing stile and head to the stud.

Loose stop only instructions

With door in closed position and jamb fixed off mark out and cut stop beams to correct length

Fit the hinge side stop beam first. Ensure you have equal margins (recommended 2mm) between the door and the stop.

Repeat this process for attaching the head stop beam.

Then attach the closing stile stop beam.

11. Fit architraves.

Fasten mitred architrave sets in place and fit selected lock sets.

Attach your chosen handles

Be sure to follow any instructions that come with the handle.

Final check

Check your door operates correctly and revisit any of the steps if required.